This website explores the global energy transition. It’s motivated by the desire to raise awareness of the possibility of a more sustainable (and more desirable) energy future – beyond ‘business as usual’. The website considers a range of perspectives, and aims to be thought-provoking, and sometimes provocative – it doesn’t necessarily represent my professional opinion, or that of my employers. My background:

Seán Frost, BEng, BAppSc, MSc
Energy & Sustainability Professional

A versatile engineer, analyst, communicator, and team player. With broad experience in engineering and consulting roles involving research, analysis, design & build, and operations. Provides professional services and data services in the areas of renewable energy, energy management, energy storage, demand response, smart grid, and microgrids.

Areas of experience include: information and communications technology, data analytics, solar photovoltaics, energy storage, resource efficiency, energy efficiency, energy policy, National Electricity Market, carbon abatement, and sustainability assessments.

Resilient, affordable, and climate-friendly future networks can be enabled by distributed energy resources, decarbonisation, and far-sighted and adaptive policy.

Energy Resilience
ABN: 92 337 703 921
Brunswick, VIC, 3056

BEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from UWA
BAppSc in Energy Studies from Murdoch University
MSc in Renewable Energy from Murdoch University

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